Who am I?

I'm a student studying Computer Science (Software Engineering). Programming is something I never saw myself doing. Yet here I am with a keen interest in Web Design and OS X/iOS development.

I've worked on many projects over the years, most of which were purely for me to learn more about the languages they were built with. Most projects were Web Applications but I've also build plugins for Bukkit, a Minecraft server mod. These were written in Java.

What is this site?

This site is to showcase some of my projects, past and present. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me below.

AutoKick Need some downtime? Clear out your server.
AutoKick is a plugin that allows you to effectively shut down your server to all users except OPs and those with "autokick.nokick" permission. If you have to bring your server down for any reason (e.g. editing the map or testing plugins), you can enable AutoKick and it will kick the players you want. It blocks the kicked users from logging back into the server but allows everyone else to join and leave freely

ForumAcc The perfect forum activation method for Minecraft servers.
ForumAcc allows you to force any users that sign up to your forums to activate their account from your Minecraft server. Perfect for stopping spam!

TourGuide Show Off the Sights of Your Server
Every server has amazing buildings but to a new user it may not be easy for them to see the best of the best. With TourGuide you can set points of interest for your users to view, as well as descriptions that will be shown to the user. Why not show them around yourself? Become the Guide for a Tour.


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